A locksmith’s job entails more than just fixing or replacing broken locks. Locks, as well as security systems, have significantly evolved over the years thanks to technological advancements. Today, locksmiths can execute various aspects of their profession by ensuring that they have the latest tools and knowledgeable of the current technology in security systems they handle.

As such, they can specialize their trade where a particular locksmith may be good at managing complex security systems and another only majoring in lock duplication. It, therefore, is important to know how to distinguish between the various locksmiths based on the kind of services they provide. Below are the different types of locksmiths and their areas of specialization.

Types of Locks


The locksmith is always available for emergency calls. They work around the clock and ensure they are their clients’ doorsteps as quickly as they can to offer the necessary services. Emergency locksmiths have all the tools they need at their disposal to address different lock-related emergencies that can range from jammed doors, broken locks, or burglary. It thus can be said that an emergency locksmith is a versatile professional able to offer various lock-related services when such a need arises.


Forensic locksmiths often work in crime scenes. They have unique tools that help them determine who a security system or a lock at the site of the offense was breached and can gather every evidence discovered during that process that deals what transpired. Their tools of the trade as thus uniquely made for only forensic locksmiths and used only for such instances. Learning about their particular trade requires having an in-depth knowledge of how locks and security systems work to be able to determined how they were hacked.


Majoring in home security systems, residential locksmiths are the most common type. People often lose their keys or have to deal with jammed doors; sometimes it can be an issue with an advanced home security system that is too complicated to figure out. Residential locksmiths handle such problems. They provide all possible solutions for the most common of home locks and security system related problems. A residential provider can also help duplicate or replace lost or broken keys as well as repair or replace locks.


This type of locksmith works in the commercial sectors offering their services to offices, schools, factories, and other commercial building. Such places tend to have complex locks and advanced security systems and often accessed by a few authorized personnel who have things such as key-cards or biometric security systems. Such advanced security options do face problems, and these issues can only be handled by commercial locksmiths. The locksmiths tend to exercise a high level of professionalism given their area of specialization and thus often have websites where they advertise their services.


auto locksmith imageCars are reliable assets that transport people from one place to another. However, the transportation can be hampered if people do not have to assess their vehicles. Losing car keys, misplacing them, or forgetting them are the common issues car owners face when accessing their vehicles. And, figuring out how to gain access to their cars without causing any damage to them is a complicated process; this is where auto locksmiths come in, to help salvage the situation.

They can help duplicate or replace car keys and locks as well as update or repair remote controlled automobile security systems. They can fabricate a new set of keys for the ignition and doors based on their knowledge of the lock systems. Most auto locksmiths are employees of the car manufacturer or an authorized auto locksmiths’ services organization.


Institutional locksmiths work similarly to commercial locksmiths, but their services are restricted to places such as schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions. They are often employees of the institution tasked with the duties of installing, monitoring, maintaining and updating security systems as well as giving authorized access to various individuals within the organizations. The locksmiths also handle cases of breached locks and security systems as well as replacing lost keys and keycards.

This profession has different professionals who handle different kinds of services. Knowing each kind and the services provided will help many the right choice when faced with lock and security system related problems.

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